Rima Saad

Rima Saad, PH.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Frequently Asked Questions


What would be the frequency of our sessions?
This is highly tailored based on your therapy needs and practical limitations. I meet with some individuals 3x/week and with others 1x/month. In some cases, I see people episodically when they are visiting Boston. We will decide this together and it will likely change over the course of our work together.

How are you uniquely qualified to work with clients from the Middle East?
I bring the best of both worlds! I am American born, raised in Lebanon, and trained in the finest institutions in the US. I speak English and Arabic fluently and can adapt to number of dialects in Arabic. For a decade, I have had Middle Eastern clients come to see me from Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan. I have also travelled to a number of countries in the Middle East for personal and professional consultation reasons. I am very familiar with local culture, norms and expectations. I have also worked with a number of international students who come to Boston for schooling and deal with the challenges of being between two cultures.

Can you conduct therapy in Arabic?
Yes, I speak Levantine Arabic, but can adapt to most dialects in the Gulf. I can also incorporate some French as needed.

Can we have follow up therapy sessions remotely?

Yes. Once we have had our initial consultation in person, we can decide together if we will continue by phone or video conference. This typically involves a periodic visit in person, in Boston or in the Middle East.

Will you travel for consultation?
Yes. I have met with clients and their families in Lebanon, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. I am happy to collaborate with local clinicians before, during and after such a consultation.

My family member is a high profile individual. Can I rely on you to keep our work with you confidential?
Absolutely! I will not share anything about your care unless you ask that I do. My work with VIP families is highly discreet. I respect your need for privacy and guard it wholeheartedly.